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Welcome to ACT Communities Online (ACO).

Where you can stay in the loop with what’s going on in the Canberra region.

Make use of the calendar to promote your events, browse through the groups to find activities that match your interests, and post news items on the bulletin board.  Very soon your group will also be able to create it’s own web-page for FREE on the ACO site.

If you have a group or event you would like to register (it’s FREE!), simply click on the tabs to the left.  Please note, to register an event, you must first register your group on the site.

The ACO Team hopes that you enjoy using the new-look ACT Communities Online.

 The ACO website is provided free of charge to community organisations in the ACT region.  The Citizens Advice Bureau ACT receives funding from the ACT Government, through the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services to manage and maintain ACT Communities Online (formerly All Communities Online).  More information can be found on the About Us page.
Featured Events
Learn to spin using the Roberta electronic spinners (Workshop)
THEY say “you can’t spin (or felt) alpaca fibre” THEY’RE WRONG! Not only can it be done, but it is quite easy and the results are spectacular. You’ve probably heard that just learning to tre
Alpacas & Llamas for Fun & Profit (Workshop)
At this Hands-On Workshop you can meet and interact with our herd of around 200 alpacas and llamas, and learn about both. You will learn where to start and what to expect. This Workshop caters especia
Beginners World Dance Class
NEW TIME: Learn the Gypsy Polka, Russian ‘Ya Da Kalinushku’, Peruvian ‘Chilili’, Albanian ‘Valle Pogonishte’, Turkish ‘Hastayim’, Romanian ‘Sarba de la Eninsala’ and many more wond
Oromo Irreechaa Festival
The Oromo Irreechaa festival is a unique and fantastic cultural celebration that repeats once in a year and involves special activities or amusements. The Oromo Association in Victoria Australia cont
Featured Groups
Queanbeyan Visitor Information Centre
Has an extensive range of information on Queanbeyan, Canberra and the surrounding region. Also offers information of community events.
ACT Elderly Chinese Welfare Society
Principles are to organise the social activities for the local Chinese elderly people. Assist the elderly Chinese with the English language as well as help with general participation in society.
Pelvic Floor Workshop

Pelvic Floor Workshops

Women of all ages are inv
Darryl's Den Inc
Darryl's Den is a non-profit organisation situated at the Holt Community HUB. They offer a wonderful range of services to people living with a disability. Services and activities range from art classe
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