Submission Guidelines

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ACT Communities Online allows Community Organisations in the region to promote themselves and their activities using the Internet.

The purpose of ACT Communities Online is to provide a means of sharing and finding information of interest at the local community level and beyond.

By registering your Community Organisation with ACT Communities Online you will create an entry that will allow people to find your online information quickly and simply. If your Community Organisation already has a website, by registering with ACT Communities Online people will find your site more easily. If you can use a web browser, you can put your Community Organisations information on ACT Communities Online.

The calendar on ACT Communities Online allows Community Organisations to easily promote their activities and events online. Once an event has been registered and approved the information will be displayed on ACT Communities Online in a chronological listing of events.


Responsibilities and Guarantees

It is the responsibility of each Community Organisation that registers with ACT Communities Online to ensure all information about the Community Organisation and its events is up-to-date and accurate. Community Organisations are responsible for maintaining their content on ACT Communities Online and ensuring that privacy and confidentiality is respected and that privacy laws are not broken. For more information see the provisions for Community Organisation Content in the ACT Communities Online Privacy Statement.

The Service Provider and the Service Moderators will undertake regular reviews to check that the service is functioning correctly. The Service Provider and Service Moderators do not provide any guarantees for the availability, validity, reliability, timeliness, appropriateness or accuracy of services or information on ACT Communities Online, and this remains the responsibility of the Community Organisations.

ACT Communities Online collects and holds information about the people who look after the Community Organisations content. This information is handled according to the provisions for Personal Information in the ACT Communities Online Privacy Statement.


Eligibility Criteria

ACT Communities Online, the events calendar and other services are available for Community Organisations operating in the local region. A Community Organisation is defined as an organisation or collection of like-minded people contributing to the cultural, social, educational, recreational or economic interests in the region. If your group is a business it may still be eligible. When completing the registration form, please provide details of how your business is actively involved in providing community benefit in the description field. All decisions regarding inclusion of your business on the website rest with the Service Moderators. ACT Communities Online is intended for use by anyone in the community and therefore all content must conform to the standards below.

If your Community Organisation fits into one of the following categories, you may use the service:

  • Association
  • Charity
  • Club
  • Common Interest
  • Community service
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Government
  • Health or medical
  • Markets
  • Museum and Heritage
  • Religious
  • Shows and Festivals
  • Societies
  • Sport
  • Support Service
  • Unions

The ACT Communities Online service cannot be used to promote:

  • Individuals
  • Adult services
  • Groups that promote activities that are illegal
  • Hate groups
  • Groups that incite or encourage distrust or intolerance of others

Content must not be placed on ACT Communities Online that is:

  • Offensive
  • Violent
  • Sexually explicit or suggestive
  • Supportive of illegal, immoral or unethical behaviour or actions
  • Misleading
  • Personal
  • Discriminatory (e.g., racist or sexist)
  • Confidential or private
  • Promoting services that do not contribute to the cultural, social, educational, recreational, or economic interests of the region.

If such content, or links to such content, are found the Service Moderator may remove the content or link without discussion with the Community Organisation who posted the information. If people have reasonable objections to any content provided via the ACT Communities Online Service they should contact the Service Moderator by using the details provided on the Contact ACO page.

Legal action may be taken for deliberate misuse of the ACT Communities Online Service.

By accessing information at or through ACT Communities Online each user waives and releases the Service Provider and Service Moderators to the full extent permitted by law from any and all claims relating to the usage of the material made available through the Service. In no event shall the Service Provider or Service Moderators be liable for any incident or consequential damages resulting from use of this material.

When a Community Organisation places or changes its information on ACT Communities Online it must conform to the All Communities Online Guidelines. The suitability of the information provided may be reviewed by the Services Moderator. The Service Provider and Service Moderators do not check the validity, reliability, accuracy or timeliness of the information, this is the responsibility of the submitting Community Organisation.


Changing the Guidelines

These guidelines may be changed without prior notice to meet the needs of our communities and to reflect changing values of the citizens in the region.


Regional Information

ACT Communities Online is available for Community Organisations operating in the ACT and surrounding region.

Selected event information will be published weekly in The Chronicle. To be considered for inclusion in The Chronicle, event details must be submitted no later than close of business on the Monday in the week prior to the start of the event. Unfortunately no guarantee can be given that your event will appear in the Chronicle.