If you are unsure about how your community organisation can get the most out of ACT Communities Online the information below may provide you with the assistance you need. Alternatively, if you want someone to take you through the site step-by-step, the Service Moderators can help. See the Contact ACO page for contact information.

Help information on this page includes:

Why register your group with All Communities Online?

ACT Communities Online allows community organisations in the region to promote themselves and their activities using the Internet.

The purpose of All Communities Online is to provide a means of sharing and finding information of interest at the local community level.

By registering your group with ACT Communities Online you will create an entry point that will allow people to find your online information quickly and simply. If your group already has a website, by registering your group with ACT Communities Online and providing a link to your website people will find your site more easily.

The calendar on All Communities Online allows groups to easily promote their activities and events online. Once an event has been registered the information will be displayed on ACT Communities Online in a chronological listing of events.

How do I get my group online?

Before you get started registering your group remember:

  • ACT Communities Online 'groups' contain information about what the group does, who is in charge and how to contact them.
  • ACT Communities Online 'events' tell visitors to your site when and where the group is going to get together, what the event is and who can come.
  • You need to allow a couple of business days for the Service Moderators to approve your group before you can add events.

To get your group online click on 'Register Your Group' from the ACT Communities Online homepage.

Complete the online form with your groups details. When you are happy with the details on screen click 'Submit' to send the group's details to the Service Moderators to be reviewed. An approval email will be sent to your group's Admin Contact email address when your group has been approved. Once your group is approved you will be able to login using the details provided when registering your group. The approval email provides more information about logging in.

If you require any assistance while registering your group, please contact the Service Moderators during business hours.

How do I make my group or event a feature group or event?

The ACT Communities Online homepage contains several feature groups and events. The Service Moderators choose these groups and events independently. Every group and event has an equal chance of becoming a feature group or event. For more details on feature groups and events refer to the homepage or contact the Service Moderators.

How do I post events?

To post events on ACT Communities Online, you must first register your group. See the previous section How do I get my group online?. Once your group has been approved you will receive instructions on how to login.

How do I update information about my group?

Over time the details of your group may change and require updating. For the benefit of the users of the website and members of your group or organisation, it is important that your group details are kept up to date.

To review your current information, go to the All Communities Online homepage and find your group using the A-Z of Groups page. If anything is inaccurate or out of date, then you can login by clicking the "Login" link on the upper right of the screen.

Once logged in, use the "User menu" on the left hand side of the screen to update your groups details.

Remember that the Service Moderators are available to help you if you require assistance.

How do I find a group on All Communities Online?

If you are looking for a group on ACT Communities Online there are several ways to find it. The place to start is the A-Z of Groups page located near the top of most ACT Communities Online pages. If you cannot find the group using the "A-Z of Groups" you can search for it using the ACT Communities Online search in the upper right of the page.

If you can't find the group after using the "A-Z of Groups" or by searching then there are a number of possible reasons:

  • The group may not be registered with ACT Communities Online. If this is the case and you are a member of the group, then why not consider registering?
  • The group has been added but does not yet appear on ACT Communities Online. In this case you may need to wait a day or so. After registering, your details are checked by the Service Moderators to see that they meet the Submission Guidelines. You will get a system-generated email when your group is approved.
  • The group name is different or has been changed. In this case you could try searching again, using a different spelling or word order, for example a group name might be 'The Centre for Aquatics' rather than the 'Aquatic Centre'.
  • The group has been deleted. Be aware that the group administrator, the Service Provider or the Service Moderator may delete groups from time to time. Contact the Service Moderators who will check if this has occurred.

Supported Browsers

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If you require further assistance please contact the Service Moderators during business hours.