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ACT Light Rail

Group NameACT Light Rail
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DescriptionACT Light Rail is a not for profit, community based, special interest group interested in advocating and promoting the adoption of Light Rail as the primary backbone transport mode for the ACT & Capital Region ----- How to get involved: Participate and attend our public meetings: ACT Light Rail schedules regular public meetings. We also intend to be guest speakers presenting at various Community meetings and events in the Capital region. Check our website for the latest meeting details for the next event closest you. Help us lobby our Local and Federal political representatives: Contact your Local and Federal political representatives. Let them know that you want Light Rail for the Capital Region. With upcoming elections, now is the time to get Light Rail on the political agenda regardless of which party you may support. Find out more from our website: ACT Light Rail has a comprehensive web site where you can find out more about the campaign for Light Rail. By registering online we can keep you informed by email - know about the latest developments and actively participate in the User Forum; where YOU can help directly by providing us YOUR input and feedback. Contact Us: VIA POST Po Box 50 Mitchell ACT 2911 ON THE INTERNET website: WWW.ACTLIGHTRAIL.INFO email: INFO@ACTLIGHTRAIL.INFO ----- The following are the guiding principles of ACT Light Rail: We believe that Light Rail is the best form of mass transit public transport for the Capital Region. We believe that integration of Light Rail with the ACTION bus network and other bus systems is the most efficient, attractive and sustainable public transport system for Capital Region residents. We believe that the Capital Region already has the population to support a viable Light Rail network. We believe that the establishment of Light Rail is essentially a political challenge for Canberra and that detailed planning, technical, financial and operational issues can be dealt with once the political issues around Light Rail are resolved. We believe that we should work collaboratively with other public transport stakeholders and promote wide community and business involvement, contribution and debate in support of Light Rail. We believe that there should be a detailed, unbiased and realistic feasibility study into the establishment of Light Rail in the Capital Region. We believe that one or both of the ACT or Federal governments should fund a detailed feasibility study to establish viable routes for a Capital Region Light Rail network including proper triple bottom line assessment. We believe that a proof of concept Light Rail line should be built before construction of a wider network, which links employment areas and town centres. We believe that consideration should be given to leveraging existing infrastructure and development opportunities to assist in this process.
Contact NameACT Light Rail - Executive Committee
Contact Emailinfo@ACTLightRail.onfo
Phone 10400 962 920 (Damien Haas - Convener)
Phone 20418 812 281 (Jonathon Reynolds - Deputy Convener)
Phone 30400 023 422 (Ian Ruecroft - Secretary/Treasurer)
AddressPO Box 50

Mitchell 49 2911
Physical LocationOur meetings are held at public venues all over the ACT. Please check our website (www.ACTLightRail.info) for the latest meeting details of the next event occurring closest you.
CategoriesLocal planning and environs
Community consultation
Debate, discussion, forum
Community consultation
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