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aussieCHI - Shaolin Lohan Qigong

Group NameaussieCHI - Shaolin Lohan Qigong
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DescriptionWhat is Shaolin Lohan Qigong? Shaolin Lohan Qigong is the legendary exercise system created by Bodhidharma to maintain the strength and fitness of the Shaolin monks. The exercises were based on yoga, indian dance forms, fighting arts, chinese health and longevity exercises and observation of the natural movements of wild animals. Over the last 200 years these exercises were transmitted through the descendants of Chan Hueng the founder of Choy Lee Fut martial arts. Master Chen Yong Fa the great-great grandson of Chan Hueng has now allowed this system to be shared with the world. It is one of the few styles that can trace its direct descendants back to its origins allowing for concise instruction and subsequent health benefits. See www.aussiechi.com.au for full history, lineage and authenticity. Teacher (sifu) Kear Whitewolf is a certified International Shaolin Lohan Therapeutic Qigong Instructor under Choy Lee Fut 5th Generation Direct Descendant and Custodial Master Yong Fa Chen. Kear has 20 years qigong and tai chi experience and has been teaching for 10 years. He has tertiary health qualifications with specialised interests in biomechanics and exercise. Classes: MONDAY Macquarie Primary School Hall 6.45pm - 8.15pm Fees: $150 per 10 week term What to wear: Loose, comfortable clothing Flat soled shoes Contact Kear on 0434 007 554
Contact NameKear Whitewolf
Contact Emailaussiechi@optusnet.com.au
Phone 10434 007 554
Phone 20434 007 554
Address70 Murranji Street

Hawker ACT 2614
Physical LocationMacquarie Primary School Hall Bennelong Cres, Macquarie
CategoriesFitness and relaxation
Relaxation, meditative, yoga
Boxing, judo, martial arts, wrestling
Relaxation, meditative, yoga
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