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AFS Intercultural Programs Canberra

Group NameAFS Intercultural Programs Canberra
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DescriptionCan you imagine attending school in another country and culture, living with a new family and possibly learning a new language? Consider AFS - a worldwide organisation that has arranged student exchanges since 1947 in over 50 countries. AFS is a program for adventurous and ambitious teenagers who want to do interesting and challenging things and invest in their future. AFS is committed to providing intercultural learning opportunities, helping people develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and bonds needed to create a more just and peaceful world. Each year AFS gives young people aged 15 to 18 the opportunity to live for a few months to a year in another country. AFS also runs Graduate programs for over 18s and a Teacher's Program. We also host students from other countries for periods from six weeks to a year and need new hosting families. Find out about our sending and hosting programs. We hold monthly gatherings and events to raise funds for Canberrans for overseas exchanges.
Contact NameMaree Kerr
Contact Emailcantcatchme@netspeed.com.au
Phone 10262964823
Phone 20262964823
Phone 30412311403
Address72 Lee Steere Cres

Kambah 49 2902
CategoriesActivities and programs
Ethnic, cultural, religious
Social and youth groups
Ethnic, cultural, religious
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