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APS Benefits

Group NameAPS Benefits
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DescriptionThe Australian Benevolent Society (APS Benefits) provides unsecured personal loans for up to $6000 at 12.4%; special purpose loans for up to $30,000 (available to property owners); plus access to financial planning and mortgage broking services. For just $5.20 per fortnight membership also automatically covers you for funeral benefits. If you are employed in the public sector, i.e. Federal, State or Local Governments, a member of the Defence Force, Telstra, Emergency Services, Qantas, the Education Department etc, you are eligible to join APS Benefits. Contractors to members of the public service are also eligible. Employees and volunteers of Registered Charities and Volunteer organisations such as the State Emergency Service and the Country Fire Authority are also eligible for membership of APS Benefits. Once you have joined APS Benefits, spouses, siblings, parents and children of eligible people can also join APS Benefits. For more information, please contact apsbenefits@yahoo.com.au
Contact NameRichard
Contact Emailapsbenefits@yahoo.com.au
Phone 10414508549
Phone 20414508549
AddressPO Box 1323

Woden ACT 2606
CategoriesFinancial problems
Assistance and support

Assistance and support
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