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Advocacy for Oromia Association in Victoria Australia

Group NameAdvocacy for Oromia Association in Victoria Australia
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DescriptionAdvocacy for Oromia Association in Victoria Australia is a non-profit advocacy organisation established to ensure that Oromo people’s rights and wishes are respected. It believes that advocacy offers support for Oromo people who are seeking resolutions to any issues that are of concern to them, by ensuring that their voice is heard and that they understand their civil and human rights. Advocacy for Oromo also believes that the practices of advocacy is closely linked to the principles of Human Rights.
Contact NameWakjira Dabesa
Contact Emailadvocacy4oromia@gmail.com
Phone 10466521524
Address2/72 Ellendale Road

Noble Park VIC 3174
CategoriesYour Community
Women, Men, Ethnic and Indigenous

Upcoming events

04/10/2017 Oromo Irreechaa Festival
09/11/2017 the Annual Oromo Civil Resistance Day
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