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ACT Cat Alliance

Group NameACT Cat Alliance
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ACT Cat Alliance is the ACT region of the Australian National Cats Inc (ANCats)

"Where the cats are always the Winners!"

We represent ANCats in the ACT region. We're one of the eight regions that comprise the ANCats and we're responsible for ACT regional affairs.

 ANCats strives to be a totally professional organisation responsive to the needs of all cats - their owners, breeders and exhibitors.

ANCats is Australia's first national cat registering group for cat shows, a group that is growing faster each month. ANCats has a culture that encourages every member to participate in all activities and every effort is made to ensure that you enjoy yourself.

Wherever you live in this great country there is a Waratah member close by who will be happy to assist you with your fantastic hobby of cat showing and breeding.

Contact NameBruce
Contact Emailbruce.evans@grapevine.com.au
Phone 10262916156

Richardson ACT 2905
Additional InformationThe ACT Cat Alliance http://www.actcat.com.au/ aims are: - Educating people on cat management for the home, the environment and specific cat breeds and cat care. Encourage the public to realize that the acquisition of a pet is a long-term commitment Brochures on the care, maintenance and desexing of cats for all attendees. Members of the public can enter their desexed and vaccinated cats. Advertising will be used to increase the awareness of cats and cat’s shows and to enable them to enter the shows. The judging can be watched and Judges will give a description of each cat and if appropriate may answer questions. To improve the level of awareness of the various breeds of cats, the care and long term maintenance of these breeds including Domestic cats. Educating the public that a cat should be desexed identified and treated as indoor pets with limited access to the outside through an enclosure attached to the house.
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