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Association of Public-housing Tenants (A.C.T.)

Group NameAssociation of Public-housing Tenants (A.C.T.)
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DescriptionTill now, tenants of public housing have had little say in policies affecting their tenancies. The APT formed in August last year to remedy that, in "Raising Our Voice", a project initiated by the A.C.T. Government. APT Membership is free to tenants of Housing A.C.T. Membership forms are available via the phone number (leave your address or, preferably, e-mail address in a message) or e-mail address. We invite contact from anyone interested. The association's objective at the moment is to maximise A.C.T. public-housing tenants' influence on planning, policy, and other decisions that may affect public-housing tenancies. In future, we may be able to address more directly the effect of government policies on those awaiting public housing and community-housing tenants. The association, originally called the A.C.T. Public Tenants' Association, changed its name to the APT in a general meeting on 10 May after another group incorporated using the original name.
Contact NameN/A APT
Contact Emailourvoice@bigpond.net.au
Phone 162626472
Phone 262626472
AddressP.O. Box 8

Civic Square 49 2608
CategoriesTourist and visitor accommodation
Community consultation
Debate, discussion, forum
Community consultation
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