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AVP Alternatives to Violence

Group NameAVP Alternatives to Violence
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DescriptionThe Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is a network of independent, not-for-profit, volunteer groups. It offers experiential workshops in non-violent problem solving and creative conflict transformation. AVP is used in prisons, schools and the wider community. These workshops can empower individuals to liberate themselves and others from the burden of violence. The fundamental belief of AVP is that there is a power for peace and good in everyone which has the ability to transform violence. AVP builds upon a spiritual basis of respecting and caring for self and others. The Alternatives to Violence Project (Canberra) offers Basic, Advanced and Facilitation (T4F) workshops. All training sessions are non-sectarian. Change and learning come by doing and playing. AVP has serious intent but fun interactions. In doing these workshops participants may expect personally to experience non-violence in action. The third level of Training for Facilitating (T4F) is open to people who have already completed the Basic and Advanced training. This provides a combination of personal development and training for those who may wish with to become volunteer AVP facilitators in a school, community or prison setting.
Contact NameRollo Brett
Contact Emailpeacefulpathways
Phone 102 6290 2181
Phone 202 6248 5581
Phone 302 6251 0037
AddressAlternatives to Violence Project
PO Box 6063
O’Connor ACT 2601
Physical LocationCommunity Workshops held in Canberra local community venues. Prison workshops held in prisons for prisoners. Workshops for industry and specific groups conducted on demand.
Physical Location Post Code2601
Additional InformationConflict Transformation Workshops Register Now.
CategoriesWorkshop, tuition, lesson and class
Family or personal issues
Family or personal issues
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