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Wonderful Weaving Workshop

TitleWonderful Weaving Workshop
Group NameAlpaca Magic
DescriptionOften people think that learning to weave is quite complicated and needs a big and expensive loom – not so. We use the SampleIt loom which, once the warp is threaded up, it needs about a square metre of space. It is quick and easy, and inexpensive, requiring very few tools and only taking up very little space. At this hands-on workshop you will also meet the llamas and alpacas that are providing their fleece for your project. Bookings essential.
DateAugust 27, 2017
RecurranceOnce only
Time10:00 am
End Time15:00 pm
Physical LocationAlpaca Magic, 2771 Sutton Road, Sutton, NSW 2620
Contact NameGlynda
Contact Emailsales@alpacamagic.com.au
Contact Phone0262303311
CategoriesWorkshop, tuition, lesson and class
Art and craft
Domestic and farm animals

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