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An Introduction to (Wet) Felting with Alpaca Fibre

TitleAn Introduction to (Wet) Felting with Alpaca Fibre
Group NameAlpaca Magic
DescriptionTHEY say “you can’t felt (or spin) alpaca fibre”. THEY ARE WRONG! Not only can it be done, but it is quite easy. Here is an opportunity to learn the basics of felt making, see how felt can be used all in a peaceful rural setting with the alpacas and llamas watching you. In this hands-on workshop you will: Meet and inspect the fleece of many alpacas and llama both on and off the animals Learn how to prepare fibre and use prepared fibre for felting Learn how to lay out the fibre batt ready to felt Learn to make wet felt using a matchstick blind & curtain Make several pieces of felt from alpaca and llama to take home Learn methods of decoration Be able to go home and make your own felt projects Bookings essential.
DateApril 23, 2017
RecurranceOnce only
Time10:00 am
End Time15:00 pm
Cost$ 115.00
Physical LocationAlpaca Magic, 2771 Sutton Road, Sutton, NSW 2620
Contact NameGlynda
Contact Emailsales@alpacamagic.com.au
Contact Phone0262303311
CategoriesDomestic and farm animals
Workshop, tuition, lesson and class

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