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Freewheeling: Cycling in Australia

TitleFreewheeling: Cycling in Australia
Group NameNational Museum of Australia
DescriptionA must-see exhibition for cycling enthusiasts of all ages ‒ Explore 140 years of Australia’s cycling history and how bicycles have brought millions of people, excitement, freedom, even glory.
Recurrance2017-04-13 to 2017-07-09( Every Day)
Time9:00 am
End Time17:00 pm
Physical LocationNational Museum of Australia, Canberra
Contact NameCatrina Vignando
Contact EmailCatrina.vignando@nma.gov.au
Contact Phone62085346
CategoriesExhibition, display, show
Heritage, history and genealogy
Cycling - racing, touring, dirt
Sightseeing, places to visit
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