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Kspace - Blast to the Past

TitleKspace - Blast to the Past
Group NameNational Museum of Australia
DescriptionKspace is the Museum’s new interactive adventure game for kids, set in Australia’s past. Visit Kspace where kids can design a time-travelling robot and enter a Time Pod blasting them back to a mystery location in Australia’s past. Kspace is a team game and ideally played in teams of four. Kids will find themselves in one of eight different locations, ranging from the Victorian Goldfields in 1854, to Sydney at the time the Harbour Bridge was being built, in 1930. At the end of their adventure they’re transported back to the Museum where they can send home a postcard from their journey, including their robot design. Kspace opening hours Kspace sessions start every 10 minutes and take 30 minutes to complete. Kspace is open to general visitors Mondays to Fridays, with sessions starting between 12pm and 1.30pm (during ACT school term time) Weekends, public holidays and ACT school holidays, with sessions starting between 9.15am and 4.00pm Free entry Bookings not required
Recurrance2015-12-18 to 2018-01-01( Every Week)
Time12:00 pm
End Time13:30 pm
Physical LocationNational Museum of Australia
Contact Emailinformation@nmna.gov.au
Contact Phone1800026132
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