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ACT Cafe Conversation

TitleACT Cafe Conversation
Group NameAutoimmune Resource & Research Centre
DescriptionBringing together people living with Autoimmune illness. Thursday 3rd September @ 1:00pm. A program of the Autoimmune Resource & Research Centre. Meets quarterly.
Recurrance( Every Month/by date)
Time13:00 pm
End Time14:15 pm
Physical LocationA Bite to Eat, Eggleston Cres, Chifley ACT 2606
Special Needs Facilitieswww.abitetoeat.net.au
Contact NameKate
Contact Emailk.m.devitt@hotmail.net.au
Contact Phone0404774144
CategoriesHealth and your community
Social and youth groups
Special program
Health and Wellbeing
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