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Group NameCOZMO - Capital of Australia Mandolinata
DescriptionCOZMO (Capital of Australia Mandolinata) Learning Groups 2015 COZYMO (Capital of Australia Youth Mandolinata) The next one-semester length COZYMO Learning Group (Beginning) and COZYMO Learning Group (Continuing) programs start on Sunday 1 February 2015 (Session times below). All 'youth' - whether in experience or in age - are most welcome! These Semester-length programs offer you a great opportunity to begin or to continue to learn a plucked stringed instrument - mandolin, mandola, mandocello and guitar. Did you catch the fabulous program presented by our Learning Group players at COZMO's Annual Winter Concert on 7 December 2014? If you want to accomplish or build on this level of playing within just one semester, you'll want to participate in one of the next Learning Group programs, starting on Sunday 1 February. Anyone interested in starting or improving their playing on these instruments is welcome! Bookings essential: phone 0421 043 082 or email secretary@cozmo.org.au in the week prior to the start of semester i.e. during the week 24-31 January. COZYMO Learning Group (Beginning & Continuing) sessions: 4.00 - 5.00pm Players of mandolin, mandola, mandocello and guitar are welcome to join our COZMO Ensemble. Phone 0421 043 082 or Email secretary@cozmo.org.au for details, prior to first visit. COZMO Ensemble rehearsals: 5.15 - 7.30pm. Go to cozmo.org.au for further detail of instrument hire/purchase.
Recurrance( Every Week)
Time16:00 pm
End Time16:50 pm
Physical LocationAtlas Room, Hellenic Club In The City – 13 Moore St., Canberra City
Special Needs Facilitieswheelchair accessible by lift.
Contact NameLea O'Brien
Contact Emailsecretary@cozmo.org.au
Contact Phone0421043082
Workshop, tuition, lesson and class

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