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17th of May - Norways National Day

Title17th of May - Norways National Day
Group NameScandinavian Australian Association Canberra, Inc
DescriptionCome and celebrate 17th of May - Norway's National Day with other Norwegians, Scandinavians and their families. We will all meet at 12 noon by the Norwegian flag down by the lake (where all the flags are standing) From there we will walk together with some music up to the Rose Garden where there will be speeches, free hotdogs, juice, and maybe some games for the kids. Put on your National Costume or dress up with something Red, White or Blue on, bring family and friends and share this special day with us!
Recurrance2014-05-17 to 2017-05-18( Every Year)
Time12:00 pm
End Time14:00 pm
Physical LocationFrom the flags down by the lake to the Rose Garden
Special Needs FacilitiesOpen and accessible for all, including wheelchairs, mobility parking and more.
Contact NameLise Havn
Contact Emaillise@contactcanberra.org.au
Contact Phone0451541222
CategoriesEthnic, cultural, religious
Citizenship, nationality
Memorial, ceremony, service
Indigenous and multicultural
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