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Yass Harvest Swap Meet

TitleYass Harvest Swap Meet
Group Name100kilos.org
Description“What are we going to do with all these tomatoes and zucchinis and things?”“Take them to the Harvest Swap Meet and swap them for something else!” The first 100kilos.org harvest swap meet will be held in Yass on 8 February 2013. Harvest Swap is a new initiative from 100kilos.org for people in Canberra and surrounds to make the most of their summer bounty, grow 100 kilograms of food in their own back yard, and help people in our community in need of a feed. 100kilos.org Founder and Coordinator, Elizabeth Goodfellow said “I found in talking to people about growing 100kilos of fruit & veg at home, that they have lots of stories about having too much of a good thing from their veg patch. Through Harvest Swap, instead of trying to eat through everything from your veg patch by yourself, you can leave your extra fruit, veg and herbs on the swap table and take whatever you like in return. Whatever produce is left at the end of the day will go to Vinnies to distribute to folks in need. This way everybody wins, we’re growing more food locally, sharing amongst the community and enjoying great fresh fruit & veg”. The Yass Harvest Swap Meet is on at the front of the Thyme to Taste Café at 60 Comur Street Yass, from 9:30am to 2:30pm on Saturday 8 February. Andrew Dodds, local providore and entrepreneur said that “I’d been thinking of doing something like a veg swap for a while but hadn’t organized anything. When Elizabeth approached us to get involved I said great, let’s do it. The Harvest Swap Meet is a great way to get people sharing and enjoying good produce and supporting the community, which is what the Thyme to Taste philosophy is all about”. All extra produce at the end of the swap meet will go to local community organisations like Vinnies to help feed those in need.
DateFebruary 8, 2014
RecurranceOnce only
Time9:30 am
End Time14:30 pm
Physical Location60 Comur St, Yass, NSW
Special Needs FacilitiesParking and toilets etc available at Banjo Patterson Park and open access at the venue.
Contact NameAndrew Dodds
Contact Emailwebquestion@100kilos.org
Contact Phone0403999899
CategoriesGardening and Plants
Your Community
Cooking, wine and food
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