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Acting Work Shop

TitleActing Work Shop
DescriptionThe acting work shop will take place in Noordgesig.The age group which is Allowed is from 14 years old and above and the workshop is R100 per person and come with your own food and the money we make with the workshop is for making the group get more stuff like books and etc and os to help the kids that don't have food at they hones
Recurrance( Every Month/by date)
Time14:30 pm
End Time16:30 pm
Physical LocationNoordgesig
Special Needs FacilitiesThere will be parking and Toilets and people with wheelchair there be a space for them to get in and there only space for 200 people so if you want to come let us know call us now and book your place +27797070347
Contact NameDelano
Contact Emailolivierdelano@gmail.com
Contact Phone0797070347
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