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This section is used for the administration of the group. The Username and password sections enable you to log into your group to edit/add event and group details. This information is not viewable to the public.
Group Details (public)
Please enter your group name and a brief description of your group. If your group has a web site enter the URL of your home page.
Group Contact (public)
Please enter the name and email of a person within your group who the public may contact for information about your group.
Telephone (public)
Please enter any telephone numbers for your group. The description field is used to designate the type of telephone number (e.g. 'mobile', 'office', 'after-hours')
Postal Address (public)
Physical Location (public)
Please describe the location of your group.
Categories (public)
Choose from the categories below to ensure that your event/group is displayed correctly on the site.
Additional Information (public)
If there is any additional information about your group you would like the public to know, please include it here.
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